How Do I Attain a Successful Student Visa for Canada?


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study in canada Applying for a visa with the fear of rejection or a prior rejection can be very frustrating. Especially if you intend to study, work and live in Canada for a long time.

However, with the right kind of guidance, nothing is impossible. One of the best ways to increase the probability of getting a successful student visa, is to find someone who is an expert Canada Visa agent, for your student visa for Canada. Even today, the best and most wonderful destination to study, work and settle is Canada. You will be able to make the most of the enriching quality education, find a job, experience and enjoy the high standard of living; and even travel across this beautiful country.

But before we plunge into this whim, you first need to outline the process, as to how would you go about fulfilling this dream of yours? You need to collect information on current student immigration laws and Visa process for students, the application process, cost, documents required, where and when are they to be submitted etc. You also need to make sure that all the details and documents you provide for application are valid and authentic, to make sure that your entire visa application process progresses smoothly, with the least number of interruptions.

Many immigration applicants start the process of applying for immigration to Canada on their own with the best of intentions. The requirements of the application process are rigorous and often months go by without knowing why your application is being held up. Most students find themselves at the loss of clarity at some point or the other. And they end up seeking Professional help.

study in canada1 It is for this reason that several Overseas Educational Consultants are giving out free services to students, just like you, aspiring to study abroad, thus enabling your life to be less complicated. These consultants guide you from initial briefing regarding what institute in which subject area is the best, the finances involved, how to attain financial assistance, a bursary or a scholarship; helping you collect and process your documents; applying to universities on your behalf; examining your application with the utmost of attention; giving you sound and authentic financial advice; debriefing you about future prospects in Canada before you leave etc. The list of documents is extensive and great care needs to be taken to ensure their precision:

  • You must have a valid travel document (such as a passport).
  • Two recent passport photos are required.
  • Bank draft of a Non-refundable Visa application fee.
  • Proof of Financial Support/ adequate resources of money for you to study and live in Canada.
  • Letter of acceptance from the Institute you seek to study in.
  • Statement of Purpose/ Letter of explanation
  • TOEFL / IELTS score, (if applicable)
  • Copies of Academic Mark sheets and Certificates
  • Work Experience Certificates, (if applicable)

These Canada Visa Agents are highly experienced at finding even the smallest of omissions or errors that can delay your entire immigration process. Their intensive interview process ensures them to be intimately familiar with all of your unique considerations and circumstances that need to be reported on the Canadian Immigration application.

They even determine strict time lines created to ensure highest probably of receiving a successful visa. Thus, it is wise to ensure that every moment counts. The main advantage of choosing a reputable consulting firm that can provide the right information to help you update the status of the visa and you are more confident and relaxed. Hiring a reliable counseling Visa Service need not be costly. In fact, most consultants offer efficient services at affordable prices. With their help and guidance, you can expect to receive your Canadian visa success in a shorter amount of time.

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Want To Study In USA? Know The Myths About Immigration!


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Study In USA

Myths about immigration and immigrants are common. Here are a few of the most frequently heard misconceptions along with information to help you separate fact from fear.

1.      Most immigrants are here illegally.

As per Authorized visa agents in USA, of the more than 31 million foreign-born people living in the United States in 2009, about 20 million were either citizens or legal residents. Of those who did not have authorization to be here, about 45 percent entered the country legally and then let their papers expire.

2.It’s just as easy to enter the country legally today as it was when my ancestors arrived.

For about the first 100 years, the United States had an “open immigration system that allowed any able-bodied immigrant in,” explains David Reimers. The biggest obstacle immigrants faced was getting here. Under current policy, as per the USA Student Visa Consultants many students’ immigrant ancestors who arrived between 1790 and 1924 would not be allowed in today.Today there are many rules about who may enter the country and stay legally.

3.      There’s a way to enter the country legally for anyone who wants to get in line.

Generally, gaining permission to gain permanent US residency and work in the United States is limited to people who are:

      A:-  Highly trained in a skill that is in short supply here

      B:-  Escaping political persecution, or

      C:-Joining close family already here.

4.      Immigrants take good jobs from Americans.

According to the Immigration Policy Center, a nonpartisan group, research indicates there is little connection between immigrant labor and unemployment rates of native-born workers. In the United States, two trends—better education and an aging population—have resulted in a decrease in the number of Americans willing or available to take low-paying jobs. Between 2000 and 2005, the supply of low-skilled American-born workers slipped by 1.8 million.

To fill the void, employers are offering Immigration Services to hire immigrant workers. On an economic level, Americans benefit from relatively low prices on food and other goods produced by undocumented immigrant labor.

Undocumented immigrants bring crime.

For Immigration visa agents deny the same by drawing light on the fact that, since 1994, the violent crime rate has declined 34% and the property crime rate has fallen 26%, even as the number of undocumented immigrants has doubled. According to the conservative Americas Majority Foundation, crime rates during the period 1999–2006 were lowest in states with the highest immigration growth rates. Truth is, foreign-born people in America are incarcerated at a much lower rate than native-born Americans, according to the National Institute of Corrections.

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Why Study Abroad?


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Have you ever pondered upon, how many students, like you, are aspiring to pursue their higher education in another country? As per an article in the Times of India, approximately 1,200 to 1,500 Indian students board international flights with the desire to study abroad EACH year. There has been an eminent rise of 10 to 15% in the last five years. As per the leading experts assisting these students to attain International exposure, availability of Scholarships, exciting job opportunities and work permits followed by citizenship are the factors luring these students to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

With the rising number of students aspiring to go abroad, several Overseas consultants are establishing themselves with the aim of assisting aspiring students to go abroad. There exist scores of Study Visa Consultants spread all over the country. These consultants expertise in either one or more countries and are affiliated with one or more colleges, institutes or universities providing diplomas, certifications, under graduation, post graduation and PhD courses in different disciplines to students from all around the world. These Visa Consultants are also well informed with the updates and modifications in the visa and immigration rules of all the countries they deal with. These consultants aim to  provide their clients with a range of services, such as locating courses and institutes, counselling the student to choose a subject as per his/her interests and skills, assistance in preparing the Visa file, assisting in Visa processing and other Immigration services including permanent residency counselling, applying for dependent visas etc.

But the real question is how do you trust these agents? Are they certified by any governing body? How many of them, are Authorised Visa Agents? Sure, they are assisting you to go abroad, but the college or university they are sending you to, how credible is it or its course? The course they are persuading you to pursue, what is the scope of it? What are the estimated job prospects that await you having completed the course?

Most of these Overseas and Education Consultants affiliate themselves to average or below average colleges and institutes, with poor teaching faculties. The student himself/ herself is unaware of what they are in for until they reach the particular country they set out for and discover the reality for themselves. A very selected number of consultants visit all the colleges, universities and institutes that they seek to send their students to and see to it that they meet the student’s expectations of an International education. These consultants see to it that each of their student is well settled and is provided with the education that he or she deserves.

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